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Having the right equipment for the task is imperative to a successful asphalting project. APS have an extensive fleet of specialised asphalting equipment. Including Bitumen Sprayer, Skidsteers, Rollers, Tippers, Demo Saws, Pavers, Excavator and Profilers. Our equipment is regularly maintained and serviced by our workshop team in our extensive maintenance shed, this ensures our equipment is in peak operating condition for your project.

  • Flocon
  • Asphalt Bitumen Sprayer
  • Large Skid steer
  • Small Skid steer
  • Small Multi Roller
  • Asphalt Hino Tipper
  • Asphalt Demo Saw
  • Asphalt Diesel powered unit
  • Large Paver
  • Asphalting Wacker Plate
  • Asphalting Skidsteer
  • Asphalt Cat Steel Roller
  • Asphalt Crew Truck
  • Asphalt Dynamic Multi Roller
  • Asphalt Dynamic Steel Roller
  • Asphalt Excavator
  • Asphalt Flocon 1
  • Asphalt Skidsteer Profiler
  • Asphalt Float with Gear
  • Asphalt Paver Small
  • Asphalt Prime Mover
  • Asphalt Steel Roller
  • Skid Steer & Broom
  • Simex Planer
  • Hamm 14TT Multi

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